Regional Context and Socioenvironmental Conflicts

Conflict (environmental or not) always takes place in determined contexts that generate disputes between different interests. In this regard, they also produce costs and opportunities for collective action. The task proposed in this research project consists in connecting this research supposition to mechanisms and processes that help explaining how a certain type of regional or territorial context may become a pattern of socioenvironmental conflict. To achieve this goal we employ the first subnational level of five South American countries as units of observation (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru).

This project employs a multiple-analytic strategy that combines: a) the typological analysis of regions to identify differences and systematic patterns, b) the spatial analysis, identifying territorial clusters and c) comparative case studies using a design of the Most Similar Cases in Antofagasta and Atacama (Chile). As organizational strategy and for the gradual diffusion of the research findings, this work has been divided in four sections or work packages:

  • Classification - analytical sistematization of regional patterns and differences.
  • Atlas - visual tool for exploring shared patterns in space.
  • Case studies - strategies to identify causal mechanisms.
  • Results - sistematization and pubication of research products and results.

These are some of the expected results for this project:

  • Conference Presentation of the essay "Territorial Settings of Socially Embedded Inequalities. Typical scenarios conditioning the formation of arenas of negotiation of inequality" in the 2015 LASA Congress held in Puerto Rico, May 19th 2015.
  • Conference Presentation of the research note "Prevented by the State? Explaining variation in mining conflicts in Northern Chile" in the I Academic Meeting USAL-FU held in Salamanca, September 23rd 2015.
  • Workshop Presentation of research advances in the international workshop "Global Valuation of Nature and the Politics of Social Inequalities in Latin America.", held in Berlin, September 29th 2015.

This is an international research project with the collaboration between CompassLab, the Political Science Area of the University of Salamanca, and the research network of the Free University Berlin.

  • Title: Regional Settings and Socioenvironmental Conflicts. Sociodemographic Context, 'Stateness' and Conflict.
  • Categories: Sociodemographic, Conflict, Environment, Latin America
  • Techniques: Web Mapping, Spatial Analysis, Comparative case study, Tipologies
  • Researchers: Rodrigo Rodrigues-Silveira (USAL) and Bettina Schorr (FU-Berlin)
  • Duration: 2015-2017
  • Acronym:CESC


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