Our Work

Transfer and Consulting

Smart Public administration

Perform consulting and technical assistance to the public administration in order to implement social intervention projects oriented to focused collectives.

Corporate Social Intelligence

Perform consulting and technical assistance to companies with vocation to enhance productivity through research and development.

Tailored Geodemography

Define priority areas and sociodemographic profiles for intervention oriented towards public policy, electoral campaigns and geomarketing.

On-line training

Implement and create on-line training platforms, as well as bases for mentoring on management and corporative use.

Innovative projects

Formulate and evaluate projects with focus on politics, society and the economy according to strategic plans oriented towards organizational development.

Customised solutions

Design, execute and evaluate projects tailored for the development of collective capacities.

The university beyond walls

The main concept behind COMPASS is the ability to draw a line connecting the university and different groups in society in order to transfer knowledge and, through this process, add significant value to the relations among the university – institutions – companies. The lab’s main asset is its multidisciplinary experience, allowing the provision of innovative, quick and effective solutions to our clients.

Our Work

In COMPASS we offer social science scientific knowledge applied to different kinds of services and solutions.

For each type of client, we provide the appropriate reports and projects adapted to their needs and expectations. Or field of intervention include public institutions, political parties , NGOs and companies.

Our contact network, alongside the methodologies created within the laboratory constitute the essential instruments for providing high standing solutions based on scientific knowledge and innovation.


Mapping Social Sciences

Lab for spatial analysis applied to the social sciences.

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