The Electoral Atlas of Castille and Leon

Since 1983 the regional elections are a relevant part of the Spanish political life. This environment offers a field of analysis that differs from the logics and results obtained in the general elections. With increasing frequency, subnational politics has a place in the academic work, but also in the analyses directed to the society, given its undeniable relevance for citizenships and the peculiarities that frame its dynamics. This project aims at showing the evolution of electoral results in Castille and Leon, considering both the static picture of results and the changes and trajectories in the electoral competition. The municipal level is meant to be the main unit of analysis, including, therefore, more than 2.000 municipalities that conform the Autonomous Community.

This project is focused on the analysis of electoral results at the municipal level. In this regard the strategy of analysis looks for the analytical enrichment, and thus includes diverse and complementary approaches:

  • Representation of the most voted lists
  • Representation of the second forces
  • Concentration and distribution of the vote for each political party
  • Evolution of voting patterns
  • Identification of electoral “strongholds” and “swing” municipalities.
  • Identification and analysis of interesting areas based on socio-economic patterns

These are some of the expected project results:

  • Creation of an interactive atlas of electoral competition in Castille and León.
  • Dissemination of the methodology and the results in fora specialized in subnational politics.
  • Development of graphic and diffusion material available for citizenship.

The Electoral Atlas of Castille and Leon (ACE-CyL) is a project created under the support of the area of Political Science area of the University of Salamanca.

  • Title: Electoral Atlas of Castille and Leon
  • Categories: Electoral geography, Political Parties, Elections, Spain, Subnational Politics
  • Techniques: Web Mapping, Spatial Analysis, EDA
  • Researchers: Hugo Marcos Marne (coord.), Rodrigo Rodrigues-Silveira, Ignacio Paredero Huerta and Fernando Pinto Hernández.
  • Duration: 2015-2016
  • Acronym: ACE-CyL


Visit the web portal of the project "Electoral Atlas of Castille and Leon" (under construction)



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